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Casbah, December 15, 1997 San Diego, CA

Okay here's my Longpigs story. sorry if i got any of this wrong. just tell me and i can fix it.

Okay so i went to the Casbah, a little 21 & over club painted that fits only about 100 people. Anyway, i got there around 6:30 pm or something. i had visited it quite a while ago and found it to be a little nite club painted red. it looked very oriental from the outside but looked like a really ordinary bar inside. i stood outside waiting for some bouncer to ask for my ID or something, but no one was there! i was surprised. but then a guy from inside motion towards me and asked me to come inside. i wasnt 21 then so i was reluctant to go in. the surroundings were really welcoming and family-like, so i felt comfortable. the guy asked me what i wanted, and i asked if i could get crispin, dee, richard, and simon to sign my official longpigs poster i ordered from NY.

Crispin was just sitting there at the bar and Dee was on the drum set. i got both of them to sign . Crispin wrote 'Lillian, dinner's in the oven.' Dee, while practicing a bit on his set, asked if i got my poster from england. i said i got it from new york and that was that. i guess it actually was from england in some way. i felt like i was done so i went back to my car and thought i should go home. but i changed my mind and went back to the Casbah. the roadie [i think his name was bert] found simon for me. He was playing billiards and finished the last hit as he signed my poster. then i asked him about his bass [cos i play one] and he showed me his vintage Gibson from the 70's. [they dont make them any more!] it was rad. the pickups were a bit old and scrabby but he duct taped them down. :o)

okay on to tell the story. i was talking with the roadie and he found Richard for me. He was just finishing eating a coconut [i think] as he signed my poster. then i asked the roadie if they were selling the CD singles anywhere, but he said 'i know theyre selling albums.' but of course i already had the album. i asked him again for any singles. he didnt know if they had any but he said 'i have something for you on the bus.' and he brought me the CD Extra [with bsides and remixes]. then the guy who was there for the Dandy Warhols or something told me i could stay and watch the longpigs' sound check if i wanted. so i did. they played wonderfully. but i did notice something. simon didnt play his bass for 'On and On'. he only played keyboard.

it was around 7:15 when i was about to leave. i gave Simon [who was being really nice] lots of chocolate bars to take on the bus. he said thanx and that they would eat it later when they traveled. So Crispin, Richard, Simon, and Dee left to do an interview with the radio station 91x and to get dinner. that night they played at 10:00, after the dandys. and that was the end of that wonderful episode.

overall, these guys were really really amazingly polite and nice. from what i have heard in the press, i would have thought them to be real jerks like the usual brit pop kings. but they were all gentle and inviting. i was most surprised.

i have high hopes and dreams for this band. they will capture all of brit pop and will fight to the top. they arent at the highpoint right now but when more people discover this brilliant group, they will rise forever.

and much thanx to John for donating these concert setlists.

May 21, 1997
El Rey Theater, Los Angeles
Opening for Suede

  • happy again
  • far
  • jesus christ
  • all hype
  • lost myself
  • blah blah blah
  • on & on
  • elvis
  • she said

    November 14, 1997
    The Palace, Hollywood
    Opening for Echo&Bunnymen

  • She Said
  • Beyond Good & Evil (i think that's the title, new song)
  • Dozen Wicked Words
  • Sally Dances--- after this song, richard's guitar amp got fucked up
  • On & On (crispin solo) then they left 'cause of the equipment

    November 15, 1997
    Blockbuster Music, Santa Monica, CA
    KROQ promo Calendar signing (w/ aquabats)

  • She Said
  • On & On
  • Jesus Christ

    December 16, 1997
    Troubadour, Hollywood
    opening for Dandy Warhols

  • Flare Is Meteor
  • Far
  • Beyond Good & Evil
  • On & On
  • Happy Again
  • Dozen Wicked Words
  • She Said
  • Elvis
  • Jesus Christ