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band Info

Here's how you can contact this band in the US:

PO BOX 20192
NEW YORK, NY 10014
email address:
phone information: 212 330 7297

Here's how you can contact this band in the UK:

Longpigs info line: 0114 2738884

"Phal and Dhal's lovely bits:
PO Box 585
Sheffield, S1 2YQ
send £5

Other mail indices:
Dozen Wicked Words
40 Tweenaways
Buckfast Lee
Devon, TQ11 0DW
send £1

Bus Spotter
170 Woodhouse Lane
W Yorks, HD6 3TH
send £1

Richard Hawley [Guitars]

"Not mentioning any names but our guitarist has a habit of leaving pubs face down, also the real reason why he was allowed to play on stage with Pulp during Common People was because, not only is he one of their best friends but he's the most common person they know. For some reason obviously by Crispins ability to turn up to Dover without his passport, Richard decides to top this by forgetting to get off the boat at Calais, without anyone realising it until paris. Oh dear..."

"[Identified] probably the easiest due to the fact he had a table full of beer..."

Simon Stafford [Bass]

"Simon used to own a capmer van, but some poor little kids pushed it down a hill, and smashed it up. When he gets to a services on tour, he always buys the biggest bag of crisps he can find. He used to clean the streets of London. And the naughty little rascal was once deported from Holland for stealing Tarpaulin from a building site where they were building a police station."
"[Seen] with his cheesy grin, chubby cheeks, and machine gun, it could only be Mr. Pacifist himself..."

Crispin Hunt [Vox]

"Crispin has a fascination with saunas, Jacuzzi's, mini bars and anything that seems to cost money, including peas which he has on toast for breakfast. The guitar he smashed, at T in the park, was only valued at £1700, so don't ask him to lend you a tenner for the next four months."

"[As he] would probably pull most of the birds in his nursery, not much has changed Crispin Hunt."

Dee Boyle [Drums]

"Dee Boyle, is renowned for checking into hotels with his Sheffield city library card, and when it comes to checking out, all we can say is he's still taking lessons, and trying to overcome that sleep problem of his. Likes Guinness a bit, of a lot, of an even bigger lot. His Mecca, for some strange reason is Bramall Lane, the home of his beloved Sheffield United and half-time pie feasts which he insists on having with that family favourite, Henderson's relish. (Some northern thing...)"

"With those dark eyes, and dark hair, and showing off a strangely Irish jumper, it has to be Dee Boyle."

What the tour bus driver and general 'great guy' makes of the Longpigs...

Question 1: What are their Top 5 annoying habits?

1. They don't seem to know how to wash up.
2. They're always pissed.
3. They're never on time.
4. They're not clean enough, and they just lob their clothes everywhere.
5. They fill the toilets too quickly.

Question 2: What are their Top 5 plus points?

1. They're good hearted.
2. They're good natured.
3. They don't moan about anything.
4. They all love me to death.
5. What's theirs is mine, and everybody is one big happy family.

Question 3: What's the funniest things about each of the band?

Rich: Deciding the bus toilet wasn't suitable and getting off for a piss whilst waiting to join a roundabout, realising 10 seconds later that the bus was now not where he left it.
Spin: He makes me laugh with his nature, the way he speaks, and the fascination with Ferrari
Simon: The way that he's basiocally a walking orchestra.
Dee: When Dee wakes up, he gets straight out of bed, and straight into his drum kit.
Kate: It's funny how she's the only bird surrounded by pissed up blokes.

Question 4: Where's the most pissed you seen them, collectively?

Manchester, somethime this year, but I was equally pissed so I can't remember when.

Question 5: What's your favourite Longpigs song?

Dizen Wicked Words

Question 6: What's your least favourite song?

Lost Myself

Question 7: Which band member can drink the most?


Question 8: Which band member has the smelliest feet?


Question 9: Who's the loudest snorer?

Well, I have to be honest. I can't hear anyone else's snoring over the noise that comes from the tour manager's bunk.

Question 10: If each member of the band was a motor vehicle, which ones would they be?

Simon: A Nissan, because he's reliable and steady.
Dee: A camper van, so he can get pissed and sleep whenever he wants.
Richard: An Ambulance.
Spin: A Ferrari, cos it's flashy and fast.
Kate: Whatever the car that Penelope Pitstop drove.

Question 11: If each member of the band was an alcoholic beverage, what would they be?

Spin: A dry martini, with ice and a slice.
Dee: A pint of Guinness.
Richard: A bottle of Kronenborg 1664.
Simon: The casual good vintage glass of red wine.
Kate: The casual good vintage glass of white wine.

Question 12: If each of the band won the lottery, what would be the first thing they would buy?

Spin: A Ferrari or six.
Dee: Definitely a Guinness factory.
Richard: Some top old guitar.
Simon: Loads of wacky instruments.
Kate: A little cottage in the country with a piano.

Question 13: Finally, if they weren't pop stars, what would they be doing?

Spin: Stock exchange yuppie.
Simon: A lawyer.
Dee: A builder.
Richard: Would work in a furniture shop (bedroom department).
Kate: Shop assistant.

Footy Compo Results

Which football team does each of them fancy?

Spin: Stoke City, Badge C
Rich: Sheffield Wednesday, Badge D
Simon: Liverpool, Badge A
Dee: Sheffield United, Badge B

most material on this page taken from Phal and Dal's nasty Zine