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Review by six and seven year olds at Kempshott Junior school in Basingstoke

All Hype
I like they way it was
gentle and then went loud it
almost made me fall off my

She Said
The singing is great.
i Love this song, its brilliant!
the music is definatly cool!
it has a good rythem
Its my type of music
i love it all round
Good Timing
The words are Ace
I like the tune
I love the beat!
the song is all round cool!
this song if really funky I love the remarks!
By Abbie

Lost Myself
I thought that it was good but just a tade loud. Why don't you

All Hype
It very smooth and relaxing
at the beginning and the end
I like the way it blasts your ears.
I like this one best.
Its like your on a cloud.

The Longpigs
1. Lost myself
I thought that it was my type of record
music. I know that my sister would scream her
head off!
2. She Said

the Longpigs
Lost Myself
1. i like it my gran will not like it. She might spill
her cup of tea on me!
She Said

the Longpigs
1. Lost Myself
I like it but my gran wont. She might spill her meddison.